How to bypass/pause traffic from Cloudflare temporary.

There might be time that you wish to stop Cloudflare on your site, in this guide i will show you how to pause Cloudflare.

1. Log in to your account at

2. Click the ‘Overview’ button in the top menu.

3. At the bottom right of this page there is a link under Advanced Actions.

4. Click Pause Cloudflare on Site

Pausing Cloudflare will cause your origin IP address to be returned by Cloudflare’s nameservers, sending traffic directly to it rather than through Cloudflare’s reverse proxy. No Cloudflare services such as SSL or WAF will be enabled on that domain or subdomains while the site is paused. 

To make sure that Cloudflare is off you can enter your Site URL at whatsmydns if you are seeing your origin server IP instead of Cloudflare then Cloudflare is not enabled on your site anymore.

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